The primary objective of the Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) is to support and/or provide opportunities for the professional development of its members.  For more than 25 years, the MSMA has conducted local and national educational meetings, conferences, expositions, seminars and tours.  The MSMA provides these opportunities for its members to develop skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.


The $900B mail communications industry is supported by hundreds of thousands of suppliers.  While the laws of business demand that successful organizations provide high quality services at competitive pricing, today’s mail industry suppliers are required to be more professional and knowledgeable than ever before.  Corporate buyers no longer look for vendor relationships, but trusted business partners.


Suppliers are looking to certification programs as an effective way to demonstrate industry knowledge and mastery of required skill sets.  The certification of accounting, legal, data processing, training and human resources has long been accepted and recognized by professionals. Within each of these fields is an awareness of a body of technical knowledge required by professionals in order to perform effectively in their field.


The MSMA has developed a certification program to provide a similar awareness for mail and distribution industry suppliers.  The Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier (CMDSS) is the foremost certification program for mail and distribution industry suppliers.  The Mail Systems Management Association certifies that candidates that pass the CMDSS Exam have the necessary qualifications and skill sets, and have mastered the specific body of knowledge designated by the Association as requisite for effective performance as a mail communications industry supplier.


For more information about the CMDSS Certification Program, please follow this link



An extensive CMDSS Study Guide has been developed and is available for purchase in binder or CD format


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