About the MSMA


The National Mail Systems Management Association, (MSMA) was founded in 1981 with one simple mission: To create and perpetuate a meeting environment for mail and distribution systems managers to share information, build professional recognition and grow as professionals. Today, the MSMA remains committed to advancing the education and integrity of those in the mail communications industry.


From a group of 12 managers in northern New Jersey, the MSMA has grown to over 1200 members and 18 local chapters nationwide. Members of MSMA range from vice presidents of support services to mail center supervisors, representing government, universities, hospitals, financial institutions, the legal community and corporations. Vendors of products and services that supply the mail and distribution industries are also involved with and welcome as MSMA members. To find out more information about the National MSMA association, please visit their website.


Today, through local chapters like the Kansas City MSMA (started in 1993), this tradition of excellence and innovation is carried on.

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